Dear Diary Getting Traffic Through Blog Marketing

In this world of the Web 2.0 paradigm, everyone and anyone who has a computer and an Internet connection can use them to express themselves. There are people who upload videos onto free websites, and thereby become famous because of their antics or their technical prowess. There are people who post their opinions on forums, and thereby become famous as well because of their logic and opinion skills. And there are people who keep online diaries, and who use the blogging phenomenon in order to earn money, be famous online, and show off all their skills, whether technical, visual, or literary. Blogging is a general term for keeping a regular set of chronicles online, all of which can be archived according to date, and classified according to content. This means that essentially, the process of blogging is comprised of managing content. Blogging can be used to keep archives of a person?s artwork. It can be used to keep an online diary which may contain prose entries, essays, opinion pieces, poems, parts of a novel, reviews, or other contents that might be useful or entertaining to blog readers. Not all blogs, however, earn the traffic that they deserve, simply because some blog owners believe that their blogs will be picked up immediately by search engines and will earn them fame even if they do little or no marketing. This misconception has resulted in many good blogs? disappearance. Blogs, because of their content, are prospectively good sources of marketing. You can in fact get traffic into your site because of a blog. This is because people can easily browse through blog entries and look through archives; and because most blog entries are classified under a certain title or topic, your visitors can easily find what they are looking for without having to go through page after page of text. If you are looking for marketing strategies for your site, turn to the two side of blog marketing: you can make your own blog and link other blogs, and you can post opinions on other blogs giving a link to your blog. The key is to make yourself visible, but in doing so, you have to make yourself useful. Nothing turns people off online more than someone who is being visible for the sake of being seen. Have a blog on your site, or software that resembles the content management system reminiscent of a blog. Your blog can contain entries on issues relevant not only to your business, but to your prospective customers. You can also blog about tips that your customers might need in order to use your products and services better, or to have better lives, in general. The more useful your blog is, the more visitors you will have. Don?t forget to post your URL in other blogs that are of the same nature as yours, and do so as you post useful opinions on these blogs. Link these blogs, moreover, in your blog site, especially those that can also be useful to your customers. You may also want to enroll in an affiliate program, in which you can have advertisements on your site that your visitors can click on. Once they click on these advertisements, you get commissions. This is only one way that your blog can make money, and that your site can get visitors. If you are able to utilize the power of the blog to your advantage, then you will be able to be more visible, and useful, online.

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